The SMI Marketing Strategy Audit:
Find and correct weaknesses to maximize marketing's ROI.

Program Description:

Most marketing program failures are due to disconnects between fact-based market information (consumer insights, market analysis, competitive intelligence) and the execution of marketing programs. Fixing these disconnects improves campaign success rates, provides fact-based justifications for marketing expenditures and strengthens marketing credibility by demonstrating how your plans are driven by fact-based information.

The SMI Marketing Strategy Audit maps your strategic marketing process and demonstrates how fact-based market information/analysis drives marketing plans and programs. We identify how your decisions are based on logical justifications for all of your marketing expenditures. If we find a disconnect we identify the problem and work with you to develop a recommended solution, allowing you to pre-emptively correct it.

How We Do it:

Working with your team, we independently review your sources of market information and analysis used to develop your marketing plans and programs. We analyze the information to assure there are no missing elements or weak assumptions. We review your current marketing plans to assure they are fact-based plans.

SMI then reviews your marketing programs and campaigns to assure that execution is driven by fact-based market information. At each step in the process, if we find something is missing, we work with you in real time to identify appropriate corrective action.

SMI also process maps your strategic marketing process and identifies opportunities to streamline the process. Our final report provides you with an analysis of your marketing information sources and the process that feeds your marketing plans and programs with recommendations for fixing any gaps in your strategic marketing execution.

How Long:

The audit usually takes 4 - 6 weeks.

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