"SMI's market anlysis really opened our eyes. They identified new potential markets, and the technology impacts on our current markets that we completely missed. Working with SMI we developed a more forward looking marketing plan that has made a huge impact on our bottom line."
-IT Company Marketing VP

"SMI developed a complete marketing plan from scratch - it was just what we needed."
-Healthcare Industry Director

"SMI did all the product and launch planning for a new line of services that we didn't have the manpower to tackle. Their work saved us twelve months getting to market."
-e-Commerce VP

"As a B2B company, we didn't think social media was relevant for us. SMI really opened our eyes to what is happening in B2B social media. We had no idea how important monitoring B2B social media was before working with SMI."
-B2B Technology Company Marketing Director

"SMI analyzed several new concepts for us allowing us to determine which were worth pursuing before we invested internally."
-Auto Industry Director

"This is a great resource! Fortune 500 experience at a price we can afford."
-Startup Company Founder

"Steve Bell is a talented, highly knowledgeable business-professional of unquestioned integrity and a pleasure to work with. He is everything you would expect from a former top analyst with Forrester Research and Gartner"
Ernest Nicastro,
Positive Response


SMI was established in 2003 by technology marketing veteran Steve Bell (Steve@StrategicMarketingInnovations.com) to fill a need for intelligent, fact-based marketing and product strategy for fast-paced tech industries. Steve recognized that many businesses were moving too quickly to make fact-based decisions. Marketing was being driven by what people felt and not by what they knew - fact vs. opinion. Steve's strong background in IT product management and market research - including stints at both forrester and gartner and marketing leadership positions at General Electric and Sterling Commerce - give SMI its foundation of analytical marketing and executive leadership.

From its inception, businesses in industries beyond high tech have asked for SMI's assistance in analyzing markets and new opportunities. SMI has now served clients more than a dozen industries, including automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, food/grocery, and retail. During his career, Steve has worked with 80 of the Fortune 500 companies.


Five factors that distinguish SMI from other consultancies:
  1. SMI's business is Strategic Marketing: research and analysis, new market opportunity identification, marketing plans & strategy, product management and marketing leadership.
  2. Our recommendations are based on facts, not "gut". We call this "Fact-based decision making".
  3. Our focus is always on the future of your business; we analyze market opportunities with a view to the future, not the past. And we position you for future success.
  4. As a small business, we are always very responsive to customer needs. We can change a project's direction or reconfigure a deliverable in a matters of hours, not weeks. Your goal is to exceed your expectations.
  5. High value. We endeavor to provide outstanding analysis at moderate costs, providing our clients with the most outstanding value.